The new ultra-compact Dogtra 280C remote e-collar series replaces the best selling, low to medium power Dogtra 280NCP model. This new and improved version offers the same key features as its predecessor such as ½ mile range, LCD screen that displays the exact level of stimulation and 3 bar low battery indicator, fully rechargeable, fully waterproof, non-stimulating Pager and 127 levels of Nick and Constant stimulation.

As a result of Dogtra Company customer feedback, they have refined the tested and proven NCP model. The main improvements include:

  • Almost 30% smaller receiver-collar
  • Long lasting 2-hour rapid charge Lithium Polymer batteries
  • High performance non-stimulating Pager / vibration only mode
  • Water excelling enhanced contact points
  • Non- slip checkered grips on the handheld transmitter

Dogtra 280c ultra-compact smaller collar

A major improvement to the new Dogtra 280C is the reduced-collar size that is almost 30% smaller compared to the NCP model. The new receiver dimensions are 2.3” x 1.5” x 1.3” and weighs in at 2.2 ounces. At this time, its officially the smallest receiver manufactured by Dogtra and is light and gentle enough for dogs as small as 10lbs to wear comfortably, compared to 15lbs with the older NCP version. To get a better idea of the receiver size, view the Dogtra 280c product page to see images of the receiver compared next to a US Quarter.

Long lasting 2-hour rapid charge LiPo batteries

The older version used the older NiCD batteries that require an overnight charge (approx. 10 hours). However, the improved 280C model uses the new longer lasting 2-hour quick charge Li-Po batteries. With normal use you should expect about 48 to 72 hours of run time from each full charge. Turning the system off when not in use, a full battery charge should last a week or two. The system comes with a splitter cable to charge both the transmitter and receiver(s) at the same time so you’ll never experience more than 2 hours downtime when training.

High performance non-stimulating Pager

The vibration mode more powerful making it an ideal attention getter before resorting to static stimulation. This feature is also beneficial to pet owner training hard of hearing and deaf dogs.

Water excelling enhanced contact points

With the older version, the all metal contact points provided omni-directional stimulation so that the intensity level would need to be adjusted up or down when the dog is in and out of the water. Our new Water Excelling Enhanced Contact Points now solve that issue. The new enhanced contact points excel water with a plastic sheath that covers most of the point leaving only the metal tip exposed so that changing the stimulation level up or down when your dog is in water or on dry land is no longer necessary.

Another nice benefit to the enhanced contact points is that they also help with dogs that have allergies to the Nickel in the metal as the dogs skin is now only exposed to the small tip and not the metal from the entire contact point.

Non- slip checkered grips

The new model has a unique transmitter design that supports anti-slip checkered grips on the sides to get a better grip in any weather conditions. You’ll always feel confident that you are in control with your transmitter in your hand.

Advanced simplicity is what we strived for with the Dogtra 280C remote training e-collar, offering all the essential features for training your dog in an ultra-compact unit. This is the perfect training tool for basic obedience. It’s also great for solving behavioral issues or field training where you need a reduced size receiver-collar for a smaller dog.

Also available in the 2-dog system, the Dogtra 282C, to train two dogs from one remote.

If you have a larger, tougher, higher drive dog we recommend the new Dogtra 1900s.