The new Dogtra 1900s remote e-collar series replaces the best selling, low to high power Dogtra 1900NCP model. The 1900s series is designed for larger, tougher, high drive dogs and offers the same key features as its predecessor such as LCD screen that displays a 3 bar low battery indicator and 127 levels of Nick and Constant stimulation. It’s fully rechargeable, waterproof to 25 feet, and offers a non-stimulating Pager.

The Dogtra 1900S offers subtle improvements to a tried and proven model. Key improvements include:

  • Slim-line, low profile, new style ergonomic receiver-collar
  • Longer 3/4 mile range
  • Newest Lithium Polymer 2 hour rechargeable batteries
  • High performance non-stimulating  vibration mode
  • Water excelling contact points
  • Non- slip checkered grips on the transmitter

Dogtra 1900s low profile, ergonomic receiver-collar

The new Dogtra 1900s e-collar receiver is much different than the traditional box style receivers on the market today.  The new modern style, super duty receiver is designed to last for many years, even in harsh conditions. It’s now ergonomic, curving with your dog’s neck, making it more comfortable for the dog to wear. If you are a companion pet owner and looking for an electronic dog training collar that is low profile, the subtle design makes it hard to tell that it’s an e-collar unless you’re looking at it up close. If you’re hunting in heavy cover this new style receiver won’t get snagged or caught on brush allowing your dog to move more freely in the bush.  The new receiver dimensions are 3.5″ x 1.4″ x 1.4″, weighs 4.1 ounces and designed for dog over 20lbs to wear comfortably.  

To get a better idea of the new receiver size and style, view the Dogtra 1900s product page to see additional images.

Dogtra 1900s uses longer lasting 2-hour quick charge LiPo batteries

The discontinued 1900ncp version used the older NiCD batteries that needed 10 hours to charge. However, the improved 1900s series offers longer lasting 2-hour rapid charge Lithium Polymer  batteries. With normal use you can expect 2 or 3 days of run time from a full charge. Turning the e-collar off when not in use, a full charge can last over a week. A splitter cable comes with the system enabling the user to charge the receiver(s) and transmitter at the same time.

Dogtra 1900s offers high performance vibration only (Pager) mode

The Dogtra 1900s vibration mode is now much more powerful. This new high performance Pager is ideal for warning the dog before using static stimulation.

Dogtra 1900s features enhanced waterproof contact points

With the older 1900 model, the contact points were all metal and provided omni-directional stimulation so that the stim level needed to be adjusted when the dog is in and out of the water. The new Dogtra 1900s points now has a plastic sheath that covers most of the point that excel water and leave only the metal tip exposed so it’s no longer necessary to change the level up or down when the dog(s) are in or out of the water.

Another benefit of the enhanced probes is that they only expose the metal tip to the dog’s skin, which is ideal for dogs that are allergic to the Nickel in the metal.

Dogtra 1900s offers non- slip grips on the transmitter

The Dogtra 1900s ecollar transmitter now features non-slip checkered grips so you’ll always feel confident and in control when the transmitter is in your hand.

Hunting dogs, companion pets, police or military K-9 units, the Dogtra 1900s series is the ultimate big dog remote training e-collar for solving behavioral issues, walking off leash or basic obedience training.

Have 2 dogs? The Dogtra 1902s is a 2-dog system for training 2 dogs from 1 remote.

If you have a smaller, more sensitive dog we recommend the new Dogtra 280c that is gentler and small enough for dogs as small as 10 pounds to wear comfortably.

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