The Dogtra Combo works completely different than the typical Dogtra remote training e-collar. In this article you will get to know the new Dogtra Combo e-collar. We’ll tell you about the main features and functions of the Dogtra Combo and how it differs from  other Dogtra models so you’ll know if it’s the right e-collar for your dog training needs.

The Dogtra Combo is a one-dog system only. It does not come in a two-dog system and cannot be expanded. With a smaller, more compact receiver-collar weighing only 2.4 ounces, this remote e-collar is perfect for training smaller dogs, over 10 pounds. However, its a low to medium power unit and, like all Dogtra “low to medium” power units, the stimulation is more gentle and can be used with larger dogs with softer dispositions.

You’ll love the intuitive remote, which offers advanced one-hand operation. That means that your focus can always be on training your dog. It also has eight levels of stimulation from the selector thumb wheel. Additionally the two side buttons give you low, medium and high instant boost options.

You’ll always have your dog’s attention with nick, constant, pager and tone stimulation levels. Finally, it has a full 1/2 mile range, making it a great tool for training a family pet or close range hunting dogs.  

The Dogtra Combo offers advanced options, including:

  • Easy to use one-handed operation
  • Combination boost buttons
  • Audible tone
  • Smaller more compact receiver-collar
  • Enhanced contact points

Combination boost buttons

In addition to eight levels of stimulation on the thumb wheel, the Dogtra Combo has two side boost buttons. These buttons offer low, medium and high boost options. Hit the lower button for low stimulation, the top button for medium and both buttons together for a high level. Furthermore, these easy and intuitive boost buttons are all part of the one-handed operation.

Easy to use one-handed operation

The ergonomic transmitter gives you intuitive one-handed operation so your focus can stay on your dog. With a front facing selector step dial and easy access input buttons you’ll have ‘no-look’ control.

Audible Tone

If you want to be able to “warn” your dog, you’ll love the tone feature on the Dogtra Combo. Tone is one of four stimulation modes, as well as nick, constant and pager. You can easily access the tone button on the lower portion of the handheld transmitter. Pressing on the tone button will produce a short audible tone on the receiver-collar for as long as it is pressed, up to twelve seconds.

Compact Receiver-Collar

The Dogtra Combo receiver collar is streamlined, smaller and more compact. This sleeker collar looks great and is more comfortable for smaller dogs over ten pounds.

Enhanced Contact Points

The receiver collar has enhanced contact points so training with your dog will never be interrupted. Furthermore, you’ll appreciate the durability in various terrains, whether you’re training around the neighborhood or in the brush.

Dogtra Combo

In conclusion, the Dogtra Combo remote e-collar offers more features including an ergonomic transmitter with easy one-handed operation. Since it has boost, four stimulation levels and a durable design, it is perfect collar for amateurs, professionals trainers, hunters and K9 professionals alike. Most of all, you know you can depend on the Dogtra name. We always strive to provide you with the best, most advanced dog training tool.