In this post we will be comparing the Dogtra ARC vs 1900 remote e-collar dog training systems. After reading this, you will have a better understanding of which e-collar is best for you and your dog training needs. When comparing the Dogtra ARC vs 1900 e-collars you’ll find that both have a quality design for which Dogtra is known and many of the same key features.

First off, you’ll get advanced cutting edge technology in either Dogtra ARC vs 1900 remote training e-collars. Both the ARC and the 1900s are the very first models released by Dogtra with the new, ergonomic, low profile, modern style receiver-collars. Both are designed to help you teach your dogs basic training commands and solve any unwanted behavioral issues. Whether you’re training your companion pet, sport training or working a K9 professional dog, you’ll love the abundance of features found in these e-collars. Let’s look first at their same key features.

Dogtra ARC vs 1900 similarities 

  • 127 levels of “nick” and “constant” stimulation
  • High performance Pager / vibration mode
  • ¾ mile sight range
  • LCD screen display with exact stimulation level and three bar low battery indicator
  • 2 hour rapid charge Li-Polymer batteries
  • Fully waterproof design
  • Checkered grip for comfort and better control
  • New style low-profile ergonomic receiver-collars

As mentioned above, the ARC and 1900 series each have 127 levels of static stimulation. Up to level 60 the stimulation levels on both models are about the same, however, after level 60 the 1900 jumps up 30% more power to level 127.

Note: The ARC Wetlands is a limited addition and only available while supplies last.

Now that you know the similarities in the ARC and 1900 e-collar systems, let’s look at the differences between the two e-collars.

Dogtra ARC vs 1900 differences


  • Low to Medium power stimulation
  • Designed for dogs over 15 pounds
  • Expandable to 2-dog system


  • Low to High power stimulation
  • Designed for dogs over 20 pounds
  • 1 & 2-dog system (non-expandable)

Dogtra 1900

The Dogtra 1900 is a low to high power system for larger dogs over 20 pounds and is great for everything from gentle temperament dogs to the most stubborn dogs. Because it’s dependable, and durable it’s a favorite with amateurs to professional trainers alike. Additionally, it’s used for basic obedience of companion dogs as well as hunting, competitive dogs and K-9 professionals. Dogtra 1900s is a one-dog system and is also available in a two dog system, the 1902s, which allows you to train two dogs from the same remote.

Dogtra ARC

The Dogtra ARC is a low to medium power system so the receiver-collar is smaller and lighter for dogs as small as 15 pounds with a soft to medium temperament. You’ll love the look of the ARC’s slim-lined subtle appearance and advanced design. It also ensures your dog’s comfort for longer. This makes it great for companion pet owners to professional dog trainers alike. Additionally, the Dogtra ARC transmitter / remote is setup with the additional set of orange buttons so the unit is expandable to a two dog system with purchase of the additional receiver-collar.

The Dogtra ARC is also available in a CAMO color. The Dogtra ARC Wetlands is a special addition that is a 1-dog system only. It does not come with the additional set of buttons on the transmitter and cannot be expanded to a 2-dog system.

In a nutshell – Dogtra ARC vs 1900

As you have seen, there are many similar features when comparing the Dogtra ARC vs 1900. But you should now have a clear idea which model is better for you and your dog. The ARC is a low to medium power system design for smaller dogs with softer dispositions. Whereas the Dogtra 1900 is a low to high power system designed for larger, tougher, high drive dogs. The ARC is expandable to a 2-Dog system and the 1900 series comes in either a 1 or 2-dog system.

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