There is a reason why the Dogtra 2300 series has been in service for over 2 decades and hasn’t been discontinued. In this post we introduce you to the new, improved Dogtra 2300 Expandable remote e-collar. Once you’ve learned about the main features and functions of the Dogtra 2300 Expandable, you’ll know if it’s the right training device for you and your dog(s).

Meet the Dogtra 2300 Expandable, a durable and dependable remote e-collar for basic to advanced dog training. This low to high power system has a full range of 127 stimulation levels. You’ll easily find the perfect setting for your bigger dogs over twenty pounds of all temperaments. You’ll love the ergonomically designed transmitter with blue LCD screen that displays precise stimulation level even in low light and dark conditions.

The Dogtra 2300 Expandable dog training collar has a full 3/4 mile range and a waterproof design, making it ideal for all types of terrain and training conditions. As the name indicates, this model is expandable, allowing you to purchase the one dog system and expanding it to train two dogs simultaneously. The durable design can be used for all training, including advanced training, making it a favorite with competitive trainers, hunters and police K-9 professionals.

The Dogtra 2300 Expandable features to improve your dog training, including:

  • Easy comfort grip ergonomic transmitter
  • Rheostat dial for gradual stimulation increases and precise power level
  • Expandable to a two-dog system
  • ¾ mile range
  • One charge system to simultaneously charge transmitter and receiver
  • LCD display

Easy comfort grip ergonomic transmitter

The Dogtra 2300 Expandable has an ergonomic transmitter that will feel comfortable and intuitive in your hand. It is easy-to use and already comes with all of the buttons to control two collar receivers simultaneously, so you can train two dogs at the same time.

Rheostat dial for gradual stimulation increases

You’ll easily find the perfect setting for your dog’s training with the rheostat 0-127 dial that gradually increases the stimulation level and offers the most precise power level. With the patented rheostat dial you know that the low to high power system will provide you with the best setting for your dog. Additionally this versatile system is great for everything from gentler dogs to the more stubborn.

Expandable to a 2-dog system

The Dogtra 2300 Expandable is already set up to allow for training two dogs at the same time. Just purchase an additional receiver/collar for the second dog. If you have two large dogs, or plan to get a second dog, this is the perfect e-collar system for you. If you only have one dog, the extra buttons on this transmitter will only get in your way and our Dogtra 1900s model will be a better choice for you.

¾ mile range

With a ¾ mile range, the Dogtra 2300 Expandable is ideal for advanced training. Whether you’re a competitive trainer, doing police K9 work, or out hunting in the field, the ¾ mile range gives you the coverage you’ll need.

Simultaneously charge transmitter and receiver 

Don’t wait for slow charging systems. The Dogtra 2300 Expandable has a one charge system that allows you to simultaneously charge the transmitter and receiver. Additionally the two hour rapid charge lithium polymer batteries guarantee that you can get back to training quickly.

LCD display

The LCD display with blue light ensures you’ll be able to read it, even in low light and dark condition, so you’ll always know the precise level of stimulation being used. It also has a three bar battery indicator.

Dogtra 2300 Expandable

We strive to provide you with the best, most advanced training tool for basic obedience, behavioral issues and field training. The Dogtra 2300 Expandable e-collar offers a durable multipurpose training system that’s perfect for those wishing to train two dogs simultaneously. From amateurs to professionals, this advanced e-collar system has you covered.

If you have any questions, please enter them in the comments section below and BESTeCollars staff will will be happy to answer them.