The Dogtra 200c e-collar series replaces the low to medium power Dogtra 300m series. This ergonomically enhanced model is for dogs 10 pounds and up who are mild to moderate mannered. It offers the same key features as its predecessor including 1/2 mile range, fully rechargeable, low battery indicator light on transmitter and receiver. It is completely waterproof, non stimulating Pager, and 100 levels of Nick and Constant stimulation.

The Dogtra 200c has new features to improve your dog training and field work, including:

  • Almost 30% smaller receiver-collar
  • Ideally placed transmitter buttons and thumb wheel for true one-handed operation
  • Long lasting 2-hour rapid charge Lithium Polymer batteries
  • High performance non-stimulating Pager / vibration only mode
  • Water excelling enhanced contact points

Dogtra 200c ultra compact receiver-collar

The new Dogtra 200c e-collar is almost 30% smaller making it a better fit for your 10 pound and up dog. The new receiver dimensions are 2.3” x 1.5” x 1.3” and it weighs in at 2.2 ounces. It’s the smallest receiver Dogtra makes, so your smaller dog will find it to be light, comfortable and easy to wear.

True one-handed operation

You’ll love the new improved button placement giving you true one-handed operation. Built with your comfort and ease of use in mind, the ergonomically appealing thumb wheel is located on the side of the transmitter instead of on the top. You’ll find the nick and continuous buttons in the perfect location for the pointer and middle fingers. That means you’ll have one-handed operation to free you up.

Longer lasting 2-hour rapid charge LiPo batteries

You no longer have to wait overnight for your Dogtra batteries to recharge like the older versions using NiCD batteries. With the new 200c your quick charge Li-Po batteries will be ready to go in only two hours. From this full charge you’ll get an expected 48 to 72 hours of run time with normal use. If you turn the system off when it’s not in use your full charge should last a week or two, depending on your training time use. For your convenience it has a splitter capable, which enables you to charge both the Dogtra 200c e-collar transmitter and receiver at the same time. This means you’ll never have more than two hours downtime during training.

High performance non-stimulation Pager mode

Thanks to customer suggestions, we’ve increased the power of the vibration mode so it’ll get your dog’s attention better before having to resort to static stimulation. This also makes the Dogtra 200c ideal for hard of hearing or deaf dogs.

Water excelling enhanced contact points

Unlike the old model that required you to change the stimulation level when your dog is in water, the Dogtra 200c has water excelling enhanced contact points with plastic sheath the covers most of the point and leaves the metal tip exposed. That means that whether your dog is in water or on dry land, the stimulation level can remain the same and not need adjusting.

We strive to provide you with the best, most advanced training tool for basic obedience, behavioral issues and field training. The Dogtra 200c e-collar offers simplicity and the essential features you need for your smaller dog.