This article is designed to help you compare the Dogtra 1900 vs 2300 remote dog training collars. After reading this article you’ll have a much better understanding of which e-collar is right for you and your dog. When comparing the Dogtra 1900 vs 2300 e-collars you’ll find that there are many similarities, but with a couple distinct differences.

When comparing Dogtra 1900 vs 2300 you’ll notice that both models offer an advanced remote e-collar that is designed to help you teach your dogs basic training commands and solve any behavioral issues from a distance up to 3/4 of a mile. Both systems are ideal for companion, hunting and professional dogs. Let’s first look at the key feature similarities between the two models. 

Same key features – Dogtra 1900 vs 2300

  • 127 levels of “nick” and “constant” stimulation
  • High-performance Pager / vibration mode
  • ¾ mile sight range
  • For dogs over 20 pounds
  • LCD screen display with exact stimulation level and three bar low battery indicator
  • 2-hour rapid charge LiPo batteries
  • Fully waterproof design

At first glance, it would seem that Dogtra 1900 vs 2300 stacks up pretty similarly. But there’s a distinct difference between the two systems. The Dogtra 2300 EXPANDABLE transmitter is set up with an additional set of orange buttons that allows you to add a second dog with purchase of the additional receiver-collar. If you plan to acquire another dog in the future, the Dogtra 2300 EXP is a good choice. However, the Dogtra 1900s comes in a one and two dog system, the 1902s.

Key Differences – Dogtra 1900 vs 2300:

Dogtra 1900s

  • One and two dog models
  • New low-profile ergonomic receiver

Dogtra 2300 EXP

  • Expandable to two-dog system
  • Older box-style receiver
Dogtra 1900s is a low to high power system for larger dogs over 20 pounds and is great for everything from gentle temperament to the most stubborn dogs. This durable, dependable model is a favorite with amateurs to professional trainers alike. It can be used for basic obedience of companion dogs as well as hunting, competitive dogs and K-9 professionals. The Dogtra 1900s is a one-dog system, and the 1902s is a two-dog system that allows you to train two dogs from the same remote.

The Dogtra 2300 E-Collar

The Dogtra 2300 Expandable is also a low to high power system for larger dogs over twenty pounds with a mild to stubborn temperament. This long-time tried and true dependable remote e-collar is designed for advanced training and is a favorite with competitive trainers, hunters, and police K-9 professionals. Additionally, it has expandability allowing you to train two dogs simultaneously.

In a nutshell – Dogtra 1900 vs 2300

In conclusion, when you compare the Dogtra 1900 vs 2300 you’ll see that the two models are quite similar. They are both long-range, low to high power remote dog training collars designed for large breed dogs. Both models are fully waterproof, rechargeable, have 127 levels of static stimulation and vibration only Pager mode. The only notable differences are the receiver style and the 2300 EXP is expandable and the 1900s series comes in a one or two dog version.

As of 2018, the 1900s now comes in a 1-mile, 1-dog only Black Edition, and a 3/4 mile, 1-dog only Wetlands Edition.