Authorized Dealer

Dogtra Company takes Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) seriously and it is strictly enforced with all "authorized" retailers of Dogtra products.

This means that authorized dealers cannot advertise below a price set by the manufacturer. If you see a Dogtra product that is offered at a price that is lower than the prices on this website or you suspect that you may be dealing with a reseller who is not authorized to sell Dogtra products we recommend you check with Dogtra Company directly before making your purchase.

When you experience a problem with your Dogtra product and warranty work is requested, proof of purchase that includes the date of purchase, the amount paid and the retailer information is required to be submitted. Purchasing products from retailers who are not authorized will cause your warranty to be null and void, and you will essentially become responsible for the entire cost of repairs and services.

Purchasing directly from Best eCollars you'll not only guarantee that your product warranty stays intact but you'll also receive a free copy of our official, step-by-step, Dogtra remote dog training eBook and 5% off your order when you sign up for a free Dogtra USA membership account. You'll also receive knowledgeable product support during regular business hours in actual American English that you can understand.

Please note: After numerous MAP violations is no longer an authorized dealer for Dogtra Company. Avoid purchasing Dogtra products from Amazon direct or Amazon Sellers and other non-authorized dealers and select only authorized dealers in order to retain warranty protection for all of your Dogtra products.